Citizenship by Naturalisation or Registration

Acquisition of Maltese Citizenship

An application for those seeking naturalisation as a citizen of Malta under the Individual Investor Programme IIP must be submitted by an Accredited Person. CSB is now accredited by Identity Malta, and may assist you with your application. CSB Group advises clients on the best options relating to the acquisition of an alternative citizenship and assists clients with their real estate requirements.

Acquisition of Maltese Citizenship by Naturalisation

To be able to apply for Maltese citizenship by naturalisation, one of the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • A former citizen of Malta;
  • Born abroad to Maltese parents who are returned migrants;
  • Born in Malta, and hold a foreign citizenship, and at least one of the parents is a citizen of Malta;
  • Born to parents who were non-Maltese but one of whom or both subsequently acquired Maltese citizenship;
  • Born abroad and is a Maltese descendant;
  • Maltese citizens or parents, who have authority over a minor may, apply for a certificate of naturalisation, on behalf of the said child.

The applicant has to present the following documentation

  • The applicant’s birth certificate;
  • Copy of Passport;
  • Identity card;
  • A police conduct certificate;
  • Three passport-size photographs;
  • A letter explaining why s/he wishes to become a citizen of Malta;
  • In the acquisition of Maltese citizenship by naturalisation, the applicant must then find two sponsors who will be required to complete the relevant part of the application form.

Acquisition of Maltese Citizenship by Registration

To be able to apply for Maltese citizenship by registration, one of the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • Wife/husband of a citizen of Malta;
  • Widow/widower of a citizen of Malta;
  • Former citizen of Malta;
  • Child over 18 years of age born abroad between 21st September 1964 and 31st July 1989 of a Maltese mother, who at the time of birth of the child was a citizen of Malta;
  • The direct descendant, second or subsequent, born abroad of an ascendant who was born in Malta of a parent.

The applicant needs to provide the necessary marriage certificates, birth certificates, passport and identity card, amongst other. If the applicant is the foreign spouse of a citizen of Malta, together with the Maltese spouse the couple has to make a joint declaration (affidavit) to confirm that they have lived together for a time span of at least 5 years from the date of their marriage. The applicant also needs to take the necessary oath and be interviewed at the Police Immigration Office. If everything is found to be in order, the applicant is then registered as a Maltese citizen.